Languages & Translation Department


At the languages department, you can achieve your dream to speak English fluently with anyone even that he is foreigner without being afraid. It will help you to be a professional one at English language and you can work at any place. So that it requires from you to do your best and practice the language constantly by reading and speaking a lot. You will study English as a foreign language deeply and the principles of Germany.

There are many different curriculums and materials will be learned at this department as:

Phonetics: that will help you how to say the correct pronunciation of any sound and word and thus be understood of anyone.

Grammar: that will help you to form a grammatically correct sentence and with the correct phonetics you can make good speech.

Translation: will help you to increase your vocabulary and to understand anyone, after that you can work as a translator at anyplace.

Essay: will help you to rich your thoughts and ideas and thus you can speak at anything even if it is Arabic.

Drama: is a very interesting one in which you can study the old plays of English literature.

Business English: will help you to know everything about business field, how you can hold meetings, manage your work and make a good work group.

General English: that will teach you how to speak the daily speech with anyone at the daily topics.

All the previous subjects are depending on each other. This department requires from you to make your best in order to learn English deeply. In order to speak English fluently you have to practice a lot by reading different books, speaking with your friends and also yourself, listening to different cassette tabs and foreign movies and you should also write different essays to rich your vocabulary.

English language is a very interesting language that will help you to feel that you is different from any other one. Beside that it is an international language that is used at any place around the world.

I hope you will enjoy your studying at 6 October Institute and be a professional and fluent one. I’m not afraid to say that I want even your dreams will be in English. With my best wishes for you.

Note : The Language & Translation Department offer different language courses for employees , students and others
with good price.

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